Why did we create RingKarp?

1. We stopped ordering food deliveries, because it meant unnecessary waste. You've probably seen your bin after Wolt or Bolt have visited...

2. We realised that biodegradable packaging is not a solution - they will stay in your home compost forever! Unfortunately there is no industrial composting facility in Estonia that could take care of these food containers. 

3. Often we ended up in a situation where we wanted to grab a spontaneous take-away, but didn't have our own containers with us. 


Our mission is to minimise unnecessary waste when it comes to take-away food. With RingKarp we are building a environmentally-friendly circular network that will be the future of take-aways.

Environmental issues are extremely important to us and we want to do our bit to be part of the change to cleaner futures. 

The truth is: the only way to resolve the waste problem is to stop producing it!

Katarina papp

Founder & CEO

Telefon: +372 53656384
Email: katarina@ringkarp.ee

Kadrin Pintson

Founder & COO

Telefon: +372 5290207
Email: kadrin@ringkarp.ee

Hanna Pintson

Founder & Contributor

Email: hanna@ringkarp.ee

Liisa Aavik

Communication & Marketing Wizard

Email: liisa@ringkarp.ee

Merilyn Kesküla

Social Media & Partnerships Consultant

Email: info@ringkarp.ee

Ülle Sarapuu

Keeping an eye on the accounts

Telefon: +372 509 8108
Email: info@ringkarp.ee

Heli Õunmaa

Our representative in South-Estonia

Email: heli@ringkarp.ee