Become our zero-waste partner 

Join us to reduce plastic and food waste! Additional benefits, like happier clients and extra money in the bank, are guaranteed.

say no to plastic waste and green-washing

Biodegradable packages are not yet recycled in Estonia, and therefore become waste. They end up in the landfills and our beaches. 

Ringkarp can be reused at least 200 times and after its life-cycle we will take care of the recycling.

No to food waste

Your clients can take the leftovers home in ringkarp and enjoy them later. Hello, midnight munchies!

happy clients

Your clients are becoming more and more environmentally-savvy and they will greatly appreciate your efforts to save our environment. 

Show them that you truly care about the cleanliness of our planet!

Save money

Using ringkarp instead of disposable plastic packaging means that you can save money with each and every take-away client, as well as reduce the waste collection costs.

Join us and be part of the European-wide circular economy system!