Let's make it circular!

Why keep using disposable plastic containers when there's a better solution: stylish, hygienic and user-friendly ringkarp and ringtops

With us you will make a real change

Biodgeradable containers are NOT a solution. There are no facilities for recycling them in Estonia, so they end up in landfills. We need to stop creating more waste - this is the only way!

Using ringkarp once a week means 1.5 kg less waste in a year. 

Ringkarp is always waiting for you

Don't worry if you forget your own container! With ringkarp you can get your take-away waste-free any time from your favourite restaurant or cafe. Safe, clean and beautiful - just like the food in it!

Ringkarp is free

To use our containers first time, you'll be asked to pay the deposit of 10€ for ringkarp and 5€ for ringtops. This is a one-time fee, that you get back after you return the container to any of our partners, or you can get a take-away in a new ringkarp

Don't worry if your container looks used - we will always take them back and recycle responsibly.

With One Ringkarp you will replace 200 disposable take-away containers. 

During our pilot project 9 restaurants and cafes where keeping 180 containers in circulation. 

In just 1 month we saved ca 1500 disposable single-use take-away containers!